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Thailand Tourism

Bordered with Andaman sea and gulf of Thailand, Thailand is a dream destination for every beach lover. Thailand tourism has everything a tourist could ask for, from an international holiday destination including, Gren-blue clean beaches, coral islands, mountains, shopping markets, Hindu temples, monasteries and never ending nightlife. If you are a sea food lover, then Thailand tour packages is just for you.

Thailand is divided majorly into 6 regions.

  1. North
  2. Northeast
  3. Central
  4. South
  5. East
  6. West

North Thailand Tourism

Unlike beach popular destinations in Thailand, Northern Thailand is a landlocked and full of beautiful mountains. Popular for hill stations, climate is cooler than other parts of the country.

The Golden Triangle

 was the illegal opium growing region bordering northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. But don’t worry, it doesn’t grow opium anymore. This is the only region in Thailand where you will find areas full of vineyards, strawberries and tea & coffee plantation.

Popular tourist destinations of northern Thailand:

Chiang Mai
Chiang rai

Popular Places to visit in north Thailand:

Doi Inthanon
Golden Traiagle

Northeast Thailand Tourism:

Also called Isan Thailand, Northeast region is not popular among tourist. It is poorer than any other region in Thailand. It is a hub for rice and other staple crop farming. Isan culture, language and food is more of Laos (Another Southeast Asian country ) rather than Thai. People here may not know and understand English because of very few tourist activity in this region. The region has a deep historic connection because it is close to old Khmer Kingdom. You will find lot of ruins of Hindu and Buddhist temples.

The north-eastern region is ideal for someone who want authentic Thailand tourism experience.

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