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    Thailand Tourism

    Bordered with Andaman sea and gulf of Thailand, Thailand is a dream destination for every beach lover. Thailand tourism has everything a tourist could ask for, from an international holiday destination including, Gren-blue clean beaches, coral islands, mountains, shopping markets, Hindu temples, monasteries and never ending nightlife. If you are a sea food lover, then Thailand tour packages is just for you.

    Thailand is divided majorly into 6 regions.

    1. North
    2. Northeast
    3. Central
    4. South
    5. East
    6. West

    North Thailand Tourism

    Unlike beach popular destinations in Thailand, Northern Thailand is a landlocked and full of beautiful mountains. Popular for hill stations, climate is cooler than other parts of the country.

    The Golden Triangle

     was the illegal opium growing region bordering northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. But don’t worry, it doesn’t grow opium anymore. This is the only region in Thailand where you will find areas full of vineyards, strawberries and tea & coffee plantation.

    Popular tourist destinations of northern Thailand:

    Chiang Mai
    Chiang rai

    Popular Places to visit in north Thailand:

    Doi Inthanon
    Golden Traiagle

    Northeast Thailand Tourism:

    Also called Isan Thailand, Northeast region is not popular among tourist. It is poorer than any other region in Thailand. It is a hub for rice and other staple crop farming. Isan culture, language and food is more of Laos (Another Southeast Asian country ) rather than Thai. People here may not know and understand English because of very few tourist activity in this region. The region has a deep historic connection because it is close to old Khmer Kingdom. You will find lot of ruins of Hindu and Buddhist temples.

    The north-eastern region is ideal for someone who want authentic Thailand tourism experience.

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    Thailand Travel Guide

    Thailand FAQ's


    What are the must-visit destination in Thailand?

    Thailand is everyone’s first choice. With its exotic beaches, awe-striking scenery, rich culture, and architectural marvels Every place in Thailand has its own unique identity and rich history attached to it. With a plethora of deluxe beaches and rich wildlife, Thailand would never let you down. Here are some must -visit destinations in Thailand:

    1. MAYA BAY - Being featured in the movie “THE BEACH” starring Leonardo Di Caprio, this island has gained a lot of attention. It’s situated amidst three big 100- meter high cliffs with rugged coast, crystal clear water, and exotic fishes.

    2. THE ROYAL GRAND PALACE- This picturesque great old Dame is famous for its spectacular and bewitching architecture. This palace leaves tourists jaw-dropped due to its creativity and distinctiveness. The Wat Phra Kaew grabs the attention as it is considered the most pious Buddhist Shrine, which is one of the most sacred places of Thailand.

    3.SANCTUARY OF TRUTH - The most astounding construction of wood. Being a Palace of King Rama IX, it has one of the most appalling woodcarver structures that will leave you stunned. Sitting in the hall and watching the sea will give you a sense of peace and tranquility. 

    4. CORAL ISLAND - Also known as Koh Larn. This island is a must-visit due to its beautiful white sand and turquoise waters which makes a perfect duo. Numerous water sports and an exquisite getaway will make your day memorable.

    5. KOH PHI PHI - The curvy blended beaches with stunning flora and fauna will make your experience memorable. Its coral reefs and crystal-clear waters are overseen by soaring, jagged cliffs, and visited solely on day or sunset cruises. Koh Phi Phi is also the hub for party freaks and peace-seekers.

    6. BIG BUDDHA - This Place isn’t worth a miss. This 45-meter long statue is breathtaking. The panoramic view of Chiang Mai and Phuket city is simply stunning. This statue has been a symbol of Hope and Peace amongst the Thai’s. Other than being a tourist-attraction, This statue also upholds a sacred value for monks around Thailand.

    7. Railay Beach - Railay beach will give you the feeling of visiting a private island and is famous for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will get to witness a mesmerizing and romantic sunset in Railay beach.

    8. PHUKET TIGER KINGDOM - Tigers have become quite rare, don’t you want to interact with them from close. Phuket tiger kingdom is one of the most visited places in Thailand. Tourists visit here to get clicked with the friendly tigers.

    9. UNDERWATER WORLD - This water park gives you the chance to experience the sea-world from close. You could get acquainted with marine life. If you are not a fan of snorkeling and still want to taste the slice of the deep ocean this place is perfect for you. This 100-meter Acrylic tunnel incorporates around 2500 marine animals with sharks, turtles, bamboo sharks, starfish, lobsters, and many more.

    10. JAMES BOND ISLAND - This narrow island is officially called Tapu. This is a must-visit beach if you are visiting Phuket. In order to reach James Bond Island. In order to reach here, board a ferry from Phuket to James Bond Island ferry. You could rent a long tail boat in Phuket to reach Phang Nga Bay.

    11. KHAO YAI NATIONAL PARK - If you are a wildlife fanatic, this is just the right place for you. It is known for its widespread attributes to its massive population of wild elephants. This piece of land incorporates an awe-striking fauna, with gibbons, jackals, and even bears a line of work the park home.

    12. PHUKET FANTASEA SHOW - This cultural amusement park is split into three sections: festival village for shopping, Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant for Dining, and the Palace of the Elephants wherein you could experience Vegas-styled entertainment. This show will surely leave you speechless and mesmerized.

    13. ART IN PARADISE CHIANG MAI - This is one of the most fun places to take memorable photographs with your family and friends to remember by. The perspective art, illusions, 3D ART is worth watching. Discover the underwater world, surf-riding big waves, Crossing wobbly bobbly illusionistic bridges across waterfalls, move into the park, and Fight off dinosaurs.

    14. PHUKET SURF HOUSE - Do you wanna experience surfing but are afraid of long waves . In that case, you need not worry. Thailand gives you an opportunity to experience every adventure within your comfort. Here, you can experience those enormous waves with no fear.

    15. MADAME TUSSAUDS - This infamous museum that incorporates Wax statues of thousands of A-listed celebrities from all across the world also bags a lot of attention from tourists. In this museum, you could explore the exhibits of the lifelike wax-figures. From taking pictures with celebrities like - Vin Diesel or Bruce lee, Hugging Beyonce To


    Suggest some of the Best beaches of Thailand?

    Thailand is the Pandora’s Box which hides a lot of pristine beaches that will take your breath away. The beauty of these beaches is breathtaking. But is every beach worth it? let’s explore some of the best beaches of Thailand:

    1. PATONG BEACH -This golden-sand beach with crystal clear water is alluring. A row of palm trees and almond trees segregating the beach from the main road. There are a lot of shops on the shore wherein you could savor tasty Thai food.

    2. FREEDOM BEACH - Being surrounded by thick jungle this beach is an exquisite destination. The northern part of the beach is mostly vacant. You could have a long sunbath. The crystal clear warm water would give you a fresh and soothing feeling.

    3. RAILAY BEACH- This small peninsula allied with the City of Krabi and Ao Nang. This is Thailand's and the most desired beach. Being feather edged with rocky promontory ascended with sedimentary rock cliffs. The breath-taking beauty is a tropical paradise whereby you can simply relax stretching your arms in white sand with crystal-clear waves petting you.

    4. PHRA NANG BEACH- Located on the Southern side of Railay beach. This beach is reputed for its phallus cave also known as princess cave. Apart from the cave you could also visit this beach for its scenic beauty. Get a boat that will take you around the beach and make you explore the beach all around.

    5. AO NANG BEACH - One of the Krabi's most renowned beaches due to the calm-inducing atmosphere and picturesque vistas. This beach is just 20 minutes away from Krabi town.

    6. PATTAYA BEACH - A lesser-known fact about this beach is that it was a part of a “money heist”. This crescent-shaped beach is famous amongst tourists, this is their first destination to visit.

    7. JOMTIEN BEACH - One of the most captivating beaches of Pattaya. It stretched up to 6 km long just next to Jomteinsaineung beach. It is famous amongst tourists for its peaceful environment and

    adventurous activities

    8. TAWAEN BEACH - The most visited beach in Koh Larn is a hidden gem due to its bewitching setting. The sunset on this beach is stunning. You could lie down on a rented sun lodger and have an exquisite evening to yourself.

    9. KATA BEACH - This beach is the most loved beach by the families as being less crowded provides enough shops to shop and a lot of restaurants to dine in. The dazzling white sand with crystal-clear water will make your relaxing evening perfect.

    10. KARON BEACH - This beach is compressed between KATA BEACH and PATONG BEACH. The super white sand with crystal clear water makes it an ideal spot to just lie down and chill


    What is the ideal month to visit Thailand?

    Thailand is a splendid place to visit year-round. Many tourists visit Thailand even in the off-season. But you need to make sure of the weather conditions before making any plans. The most effective time to go to Thailand is from November until early April. This can be once the heavens aren't any longer running and therefore the sky clears up. This time is exotic and excellent for an outing at the beach or for exploring various heritage sites.

    The Peak season commences from November and lasts until February. This is the winter season but winters aren't as chilly as in other countries. The highest temperature usually ranges from 23-30 degrees which is pretty decent to travel. The Ocean at this point is quite calm and peaceful. Around this time Thailand is mostly flogged with tourists as this is an ideal time to stretch under the sweltering sun with ocean waves running high.

    The Shoulder season commences from March to mid-May. These are probably the hottest months with humidity increasing rapidly. The scorching heat could become intolerable but the best part is you could get cheap deals around this time as people avoid visiting Phuket due to the monsoon that is round the corner. One of the main attractions in April is the Songkran Festival, Thai New Year.

    The Worst Time to visit Phuket is from Mid-May to October are usually the hottest months. The heat is intolerable. The monsoon season commences from July and lasts until three months. So, this time must be avoided at all costs.


    What are the Adventurous activities to do in Thailand?

    Thailand is famous for adventurous activities. From exploring marine life to experiencing the wildlife from close. Thailand is a hub of such adventurous activities which will give you a thrilling experience.

    1. SKYDIVING- Everyone’s dream is to fly. to feel that adrenaline jump which gives you an electrifying experience. If you are in Pattaya this must be added to your list. This could cost you between 10,000-15,000 BAHT. You could explore the scenic beauty of Thailand from the height of about 3000 feet which will give you a lifetime experience.

    2. SCUBA DIVING- Thailand is famous for its beaches. The tropical coral reefs to marine life. You can enjoy diving in crystal clear water amidst fishes, reefs, and whale sharks. Scuba diving has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. There are a lot of spots that provide this activity. Phuket and Phi Phi islands have some extensive spots wherein you could experience marine life at a very affordable price. The price could vary from 3000-5000 Baht.

    3. KITESURFING- This new sport is a blend of surfing and sailing. Here you are attached to a kite that will harness the wind while you surf on a surfing board with the thrashing waves. Don’t worry you will get an instructor to train you through. This sport is available in Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan which will cost you around 3000-4000 Baht.

    4. WATER RAFTING- While this activity is not readily available at the peak season but if you are visiting Thailand from September to May, you could get a chance to experience Water Rafting. River Rafting gives adventurous junkies a thrill. You could also spot exotic wildlife and drenching waves will leave you stunned. If you wanna go water rafting you must visit Chiang Mai, Phuket, Chumphon and certain places in Northern Thailand.

    5. ELEPHANT TREKKING- visiting Thailand could give you an opportunity to ride at the back of this gigantic animal and explore the scenic beauty. Chang Thai Thappraya Safari is quite famous in Pattaya for its Elephant Trekking. This activity could cost you from 600-1000 Baht.

    6. BUNGEE JUMPING- if you are afraid of skydiving but still wanna opt for something adventurous. This might be for you. Here, a rope is attached to your legs and you are made to jump from a height of 40m. This rope oscillates you in the air. This activity could cost you around 2000-2500 Baht and the best place to experience this is in Pattaya.

    7. ROCK CLIMBING- If you are in Bangkok, you must go rock climbing. The thrill and experience will leave you astonished. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment and practice before going for it. Best places to experience this activity in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. If you wanna go rock climbing on natural rocks then it’s better to go to Railey beach in Krabi.

    8. KAYAKING- Through cave canoeing or Kayaking you could explore the immaculate beauty of Thailand. You could explore coral reefs while riding through emerald blue water amidst caves. The best place to go for kayaking is Krabi and Phang Nga Bay. This will cost you between 3000-4000 Baht.

    9. SNORKELING- Do you wanna witness the crystal blue water and the marine life from close. You could touch those coral reefs and fishes while exploring sea life. This could cost you around 2500-3500 Baht approx and the best place that provides this activity is Similan and Surin Islands, Koh Samui and Koh Pha-ngan.

    10. BANANA BOAT RIDING- this is one of the most requested adventurous activities in Thailand. It is one of the best water sports in Phuket and Pattaya and a great option for family members to have a lot of excitement in the water together without much risk being involved.


    Do I need a visa for Thailand?

    No you don't need a visa if you are going on for a vacation but you need a VISA to travel to Thailand if you are planning to stay for more than 30 days. You could choose from two options either you could apply for a visa after reaching Thailand or you could apply for a visa in the embassy before traveling to Thailand.


    How could I get my tourist visa for Thailand from India?

    In order to get your VISA you need to have these supporting documents:

    • Completed application form that you can get from the Royal Thai Embassy.
    • Photograph (4×6 cm)
    • Passport with at least 6 months of validity
    • Confirmed return ticket within 15 days.
    • 2,000 Baht (4000 INR approx)fee in cash
    • Applicants must carry sufficient funding (at least 10,000 Baht (24,000 INR )per person or 20,000
    • Baht (50,000 INR) per family) and provide proof of accommodation in Thailand.
    • In order to get a Free visa on arrival these are following documents you have to take with you:
    • Return Air tickets (Return within 15 days of arrival) Hotel Bookings 1 Passport size photograph
    • 10000 Baht per person or 20000 Baht or a family.
    • Suggested Read: Thailand Visas for Indian

    How can I reach thailand?

    you could reach Thailand in three ways:

    1. BY PLANE - you could book an airline ticket with any airline through online mode. You could get your ticket and will reach the main international airport which is in Bangkok and Phuket.There are 19 non-stop flights from India to Thailand.Air India, IndiGo Air,Bhutan Airlines, SpiceJet, Go Air, Vistara.

    2. BY ROAD - You could also opt for travelling by road to reach Thailand. You could rent a vehicle and drive to bangkok through malaysia. To travel to Thailand from India you will have to opt for the India- Myanmar trilateral Thailand highway, you need to pay a carnet fees and you must have an International driving permit which is mandatory if you are traveling to Thailand by road.

    1.BY TRAIN - Travelling by train is quite a hassle but an enjoyable one as you get a chance to experience the scenic beauty. You could book a train ticket through the Official State Railway of Thailand website through an agent.


    Can I customise my Thailand tour package?

    yes you can customise your itineraries while travelling to Thailand on a tour package. Our travel experts have extensive experience in curating the best Itineraries based on your preferences. You could suggest the locations you want to add in your package or else opt for the packages that are already well-curated on the website.


    How to commute around in thailand?

    This island is vast and to commute around this amazing island you could use this mode of transportation:

    1. Tuk-tuks - These traditional three-wheelers are very famous to travel locally. They might be a bit costly as they are always in demand. They could cost you around 80-150 Baht but it’s worth it. if you haven’t at least taken one ride in these amazing small vehicles in which you will have a memorable experience.

    2. Taxi - The widely used mode of transportation is the Taxi which is relatively cheap and mostly used by tourists. It is widely and easily available moreover, there are a lot of apps like Uber and ola that could help you book one. Every place has a Taxi stand which makes it easily accessible.

    3. Motorcycle taxi - If you wanna avoid traffic this is the best mode of immediate transportation. This is very cheap and best if you are traveling alone. It could cost you from 20-100 BAHT.

    4. Songthaew - These mini trucks are perfect for transportation in Pattaya. Just like tuk-tuks, they are also a traditional local vehicle that is quite famous around. Mostly preferred to travel inter-city and the most distinctive thing about these vehicles is the buzzers that you could buzz whenever you reach your location. These are fairly cheap.

    5. Baht bus - if you aren’t a fan of the mini-trucks worry not, They also have buses both private and government that are very cheap. If you can’t bear the heat they also have AC VIP buses.

    6. Car/scooter rental - You could also rent a car as a lot of car rental companies are scattered around the city that will provide you a car or a scooter to commute around the city. It’s advisable to get an International Driving Permit beforehand while traveling to Thailand in case you opt for a car or scooter rental.


    How to rent a vehicle in Thailand?

    1. LEFT-HAND DRIVING- Thailand has a rule for Left-hand driving, You must drive on the left-hand side of the road. Driving on the right-hand side could be dangerous. Tailgating is common in Thailand and mostly in Phuket. The locals drive aggressively but no bad behavior is displayed on the road.

    INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS PERMIT- You cannot drive with your driving license to get an international driver’s permit in a regional office. You need to submit a Copy of your country driving license, with translation into Thai or English, legalized by the Embassy of your country, Or present the International driving license. Certified copy of passport, Certified copy of work permit, Certificate of residence, issued by your country Embassy,2 passport photos, Medical certificate

    RENT A CAR - There are a lot of car rental companies that will rent you a car or scooter. Just book in advance and you will get your vehicle as soon as you reach the airport. When retrieving the car you booked or the car you will rent, you will need to provide the following documents:

    • A national license or an International Driving Permit
    • Passport or other photo ID
    • A credit card
    • A refundable deposit (this amount varies from company to company)

    Suggest some of your most affordable packages?

    Thailand tourism endeavors to provide you with some of the well-curated and pocket-friendly packages.

    1. PATTAYA BACHELORS SPECIAL @9250 INR- This package includes an Escorting and dropping facility to and from the airport with a room reserved in 3- star resort with a twin sharing bed. Breakfast and lunch are included. The visit to the coral island on a speed boat on day 3 wherein you could explore this picturesque island followed by a leisure day to explore this marvelous city of Pattaya.

    2. POCKET-FRIENDLY PATTAYA @ 10,500 INR - This package covers Coral Beach and provides you with a lot of leisure time in Pattaya to roam around and soak in the view of this amazing city. Facilities like 3 Star Hotel & Accommodation with breakfast.Transfers from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya, Bangkok to Bangkok Airport. Coral Island Tour in Pattaya on Seat-In-Vehicle basis (SIV)/ Mini Van are all included in the package

    3. FUN IN PATTAYA @11,500 INR - This package includes a 5-day and 4 night trip to Pattaya which includes sight-seeing of Coral Island. It also provides you with a lot of leisure time in Pattaya for you to explore this amazing city. This package allows you the opportunity to experience the exquisite beauty of the Alcazar show. Facilities like Accommodation, SIV Van and show tickets are all-inclusive in the package.

    4. PATTAYA VALUE PACKAGE @10,250 INR - This package of 2 days/3 nights encompasses a day at the coral island. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will be transferred to the resort via SIV van and get ready to experience one of the most famous shows of Pattaya i.e. Alcazar show. The next day is all about exploring this extravagant island wherein you could indulge yourself in water sports like snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, and whatnot.

    5. NO FRIL PHUKET @12750/- INR- This package includes escorting from the airport in an SIV van which is included in a package to a 3-star resort for check-in. From here onwards your trip starts, It includes a visit to Phi-Phi island where you will get a chance to experience the bewitching beauty of this island and other numerous islands attached to it. A visit to reputed Maya Bay which was the same beach featured in the movie "The Beach". It also includes sightseeing of the Viking Cave and walking to the viewpoint at Loh Samay Bay. From having a sunbath to going snorkelling in the turquoise water you could enjoy the exquisite beauty of this Island. The next day gives you a day all by yourself to prowl around the city and explore some amazing temples and monuments. Your accommodation, Pickup and drop, sailboat, and island tour is included in the package.

    6. LOVE FOR PHUKET @16000/- INR- As the name suggests this package is well-curated for love birds planning to travel to Phuket for their Honeymoon. It includes pickin up from the airport in an SIV van which will be provided to you by us. From the airport, you will be escorted to the resort near Patong beach. It includes a visit to Phi Phi islands with lunch. Phi Phi island is one of the loveliest Islands in south Asia. You would get a chance to visit Maya Bay and explore this amazing and adventurous island.

    7. OVERLOADED LOVE FOR PHUKET @26,760/- INR- This 3-day packed package has been exclusively curated for the ones in Phuket for their Honeymoon. From picking up you from the airport to taking you to our 3-star resort, as soon as you reach the resort you will be escorted to the Fantasea show which is one of the best shows as it showcases Thailand’s culture and traditions. The next day will be a packed day which is all about exploring the Phi Phi islands and the selected best beaches like Maya Bay and Khai Island. Another day includes a visit to the Tiger Kingdom wherein you will get acquainted with the tamed Tigers of Thailand.

    8. EXOTIC HONEYMOON IN THAILAND @25,750/- INR- This honeymoon package has been curated so that you could have a memorable period in Phuket. This includes a visit to the seven best islands of Krabi and Phuket like tup island, chicken island, Poda island, taming island, and many more. It also includes a visit to Phi-Phi island where you get to explore MAYA BAY and Khai island.


    What are the best places to visit during the thailand tour with kids?

    Thailand is undeniably one of the best places to visit with your family. This picturesque place is filled with countless sites that are packed with entertainment and amusement.

    1. Oceanic experience in Bangkok- Take your kids to Safari world and Siam Ocean World. Here, they could hve a close-up encounter with Marine life. This narrow reef tank incorporates around 2500 aquatic animals including sharks, cucumber-tailed Dolphins, turtles, and lots more. This sea world also gives you access to their new section which includes experiencing rain-forest and wildlife.

    2. Go crazy in Art in Paradise- This museum is filled with 3D illusionistic paintings that are awe-striking. This place will leave them stunned.

    3. Explore Thai culture in Chiang Rai- Visit temples like Wot Rong Khun. This white - magnificent deity of Lord Buddha is breathtaking. It’s structured with mirrors and the crafting is quite distinctive which attracts a lot of tourists. Add Golden- clock tower too to your list. located in the main town of Chiang Rai is famous for its golden architecture style.

    4. Explore Wildlife in Thailand- It’s not just beaches but the wildlife. Here you kids could have fun with Elephants. Take a ride and feed them at Maesa Elephant Camp.

    5. Floating Market in Thailand- it is one of the experiences that’s the pride of Thailand. The Market can be explored through a hired boat. It offers a great opportunity to explore Thai culture. There are a lot of Floating Markets in Thailand Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market.,Ayutthaya Floating Market.,Pattaya Floating Market.

    6. Amusement fun in water parks- water parks are fun in Thailand. Ramayana water park, Cartoon Network water park are famous. Here you could splash in swimming pools and have fun on water rides. Amusement parks are fun with Children.


    What are the most sacred places in Thailand?

    1. BIG BUDDHA- If you are visiting temples in Phuket. This must be on the top of your list. This 45 meters long breathtaking status gives you a serene experience. You could also get a panoramic view of the city as you climb the stairs to reach the temple. This is the holiest temple in the city.

    2. WAT CHALONG TEMPLE- Situated near The Big buddha. This 60-meter long chedi is embellished with stunning paintings of Lord Buddha and Bone Fragments of Lord Buddha. Also, each floor is filled with large gilded statues that have been donated.

    3. WAT RONG KHUN- Popularly known as “The White Temple” stands by this name. From its Layout to architecture, it perfectly represents the Buddhist culture and tradition. This temple is a visual treat due to its beguiling beauty and aesthetic architecture.

    4. WAT NONG AO - Also known as “The Golden Temple”. This shiny glittery temple is famous for its distinctiveness. This temple has a glittery exterior with a shiny reclining Buddha and the Ganesh shrine.

    5. KHAO CHI CHAN- The image of Buddha engraved on the Mountain is not really a temple. Being located on the outskirts of the city this is very famous amongst tourists as it’s quite peaceful.

    6. WAT PUTTA MONGKON - Being located on the historical street of Phuket. This temple upholds a lot of relevance for people living in Phuket. This temple is the epicentre of Phuket and also a living-place for Monks to pray and live.

    7. WAT KHAO RANG- This magnificent temple with golden Buddha sitting attracts a lot of tourists. Being located on the hillside the view from the temple is breathtaking and calming. You have to climb 100 stairs to reach the idols. This temple also has some marvellous Thai paintings showcasing Thai history like the statue of YAMARAJ (The Lord of Death)

    8. WAT PHRA THONG- The name which translates as “Golden Budha Image Temple” is famous for the half-buried gold buddha which sits in the middle of the temple. The history behind the temple is quite intriguing. The story is depicted through small statues built in the temple alongside the half-buried golden buddha.

    9. WAT SRI SUNTHON- You will easily spot the temple from afar as the reclining Buddha on the roof is one of the main attractions of this temple.

    10. KARON TEMPLE- Karon temple is also known as Wat Karon (Wat swan Khiri Chet's) which is around 12000 square meter compound in Phuket. Karon Temple’s main attraction is the “Karon Temple Market Phuket”. If you are planning to visit this temple you must visit this market which is the main attraction.

    11. WAT PHRA NANG SANG- Wat Phra Nang Sang is the oldest temple which is 500 years old. It is a bit quirky and has a calming aura. Everything is designed with mixed Chinese and Thai mythology. They have a lot of paintings depicting the life of buddha and other historical temples.

    12. PATONG TEMPLE- Located on the northern end of Patong Beach. Patong Temple is a more famous temple in Phuket. The place is very big, there are many Buddha statues, and it is also a very solemn place.

    13. WAT NAI HARN- You will find this temple near the Nai Harn beach which is quite calm and mostly vacant. The architecture is quite amazing.


    How is nightlife in Thailand?

    Thailand is famous for its carefree parties, strip clubs, neon streets, and ladyboy shows. Here are some such clubs where you could enjoy Thailand crazy parties:

    1. WALKING STREET - This beach-side street is always the busiest one. Being piled up with a lot of Go-Go bars, Discos, and clubs this street is perfect if you want to spend your night partying. The most interesting thing about this street is the flogged neon lights and unstoppable entertainment. You could spend an entire week walking here.

    2. HARD ROCK CAFE FOAM PARTY- This party is all about splashing in the water and bubbles all night long on the hardcore music. here, the swimming pool gets filled with foam and you could get into it and play all night long. This club has an amazing sound system that will make your legs irresistible. This party takes place every Saturday night from 9:30 onwards.

    3. DINNER AT ROOFTOP CAFE- Enjoy dinner at the rooftop cafes like the Horizon Rooftop bar from where you could watch the whole city. From here you could get a panoramic view of the city which is mesmerizing. The Horizon rooftop bar is the best spot to spend the night in solace amidst the whole city sitting on the 34th floor of the tallest building and sip the cocktail.

    4. ALCAZAR CABARET SHOWS- This glamorous entertainment show where the third genders dress up in glamorous and glittery dresses and dance sensuously. The tickets cost around 500-600 BAHT which is not very expensive to spend on a lavish night filled with Thai cuisine and extravagant Dance performances.

    5. SOI BUAKHAO- This new fuming walking street runs from Pattaya Klang to Pattaya south road. It's not as flogged with tourists and party geeks as a walking street but it still attracts the old ones who would have just a few beers with some jazz or live music.

    6. WEEKEND NIGHT MARKET- This market helps you to dig into the cultural aspect of Thailand. This market is flogged with local food and extensive local products. This is one of the largest markets in Phuket. This exclusive market only opens on weekends mostly at night. you could take a walk through the market and will be compelled to shop or else you could savour some local Thai snacks.

    7. PARTY AT PATONG BEACH- Spend your night partying on a seaside boulevard rowed with breathtaking and bright coloured bars of all types. The neon world will make you feel like you have entered into an entirely different dimension. cheap booze, loud music, The beach is swamped with tourists partying like a freak all night long.

    8. SIAM NIRAMIT SHOW- This vegas-styled entertainment dinner with a lavish display of Thailand’s culture and tradition. In case you arrive early you will witness Pre-Show attractions including a Traditional Thai village with a Floating market, outdoor performances, and boxing shows with elephants displaying their trained dance and a Thai buffet with authentic Thai.

    9. NIGHT FUN AT BANGLA ROAD - Famous for its nightclubs, live music, and neon lights this road has some amazing bars. Mostly crowded with numerous people throughout the year. This is the busiest street at the time of the new year. You could get into any nightclub or just enjoy this aesthetically pleasing road. The street dance, live music, and the decoration on the lane are worth watching.

    10. DANCE IN ILLUSION CLUB- With a massive sound system and a great DJ makes this club one of the best clubs on Bangla Road. Being a famous destination for some of the world-class DJ’s this club is always bombarded with party freaks. You could dance all night to the electrifying music.


    What are the famous shopping places in Thailand?

    Thailand is filled with shopping centres, malls, weekend bazaars and a lot of roadside shops from where you could shop souvenirs for your friends and family. let us look at some of such options:

    1. JUNGCEYLON SHOPPING MALL - This massive shopping mall offers you to shop some of Asia's most famous brands. Located opposite to the Bangla road, This mall has a wide range of brands for you to shop. From authentic Thai cuisine to sunglasses this mall has everything you could ask for.

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

    2. AO NANG WALKING STREET - If you are on Ao nang beach and want to shop this is the place for you. This street is in L shape which incorporates around 50 most creative stalls including local food, artisans, portraits, and even restaurants.

    TIME- Whole day
    DAYS- every day

    3. MAHARAJA MARKET- This largest food market that sets up in the morning is for the one’s who visit Krabi to relish some local Thai food and shop for Thailand’s exotic spices. This market is more like a local grocery store for people living in Krabi. From vegetables to different types of local snacks you could find everything here in bulk. It’s more like Krabi’s Walmart.

    TIME- 06:00 - 13:00
    DAYS- Everyday

    4. CHOCK DEE- If you are a jewelry enthusiast this place is the perfect place for you to buy some of the most awesome jewelry. From bracelets, earrings to handmade lockets you can find almost every kind of jewelry here.

    TIME- 10:00 – 22:00
    DAYS- Every day

    5. PHUKET WEEKEND MARKET - This weekend bazaar is mostly about second-hand goods that you could buy at a very cheap price.Other than shopping you could also try their mouth-watering snacks. You could find an extensive range of jeans, glasses, curios, and souvenirs. They also have some amazing jewellery, hats, funky clothes.

    Open: Saturday–Sunday from 4 PM to 11 PM

    6. CENTRAL FESTIVAL PHUKET - This mall situated on the outskirts of Phuket town is a must-visit. This shopping complex has a lot of brands here, not just local but a bunch of international brands and food centres. It is connected with central Floresta that makes it a gigantic shopping mall. You could spend an entire day here roaming around, shopping, watching movies, dining in some international cafes.

    Open: Daily from 10.30 AM to 10 PM

    7. CHILLVA MARKET- This cool bohemian market is an impressive market with fashion and food stalls. They provide an extensive range of clothes in vibrant colours plus some funky jewellery. Here, Locals erect stalls of items that are locally famous and are used in Thailand.

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 5 PM to 11 PM (closed on Sundays)

    8. THALANG MANIKRAM- If you want to shop like a traditional Thai person. You must visit this floating market. The design and architecture are amazing. Just get on a boat and go around the small canal. Try fresh fruits, spicy Thai snacks.

    Open: 11 am – 9 pm


    What all could i do if i plan to visit Thailand off-season?

    Thailand won’t be able to offer you much in the offseason but as the prices are all-time low from May to November due to incessant pouring. If you have a tight budget then it’s the perfect time to explore Phuket.

    1. BOOK A BEACH-SIDE HOTEL- As the sea is going to be very rough it’s better to book a nice beach-side hotel to experience the magnificent sunset while sipping coffee. As the sea is mostly experienced high tide at this time it’s suggestive to stay away from the sea.

    2. EXPLORE THE FLOATING MARKET- The floating market is reputed to be one of the oldest forms of retailing in Thailand You could visit the city and get to visit such exceptional places.

    3. GO FOR A THAI SPA- Thai spa is popular worldwide due to its distinctive technique and even in the off-season you will get a great deal. Just sit back and let the masseuse release your tension.

    4. SIGHTSEEING- Even though most beaches are closed at this time, you could visit temples and appreciate the architecture which will leave you amused. You could adorn the beauty of the city by visiting Big Buddha and other such amazing places and get a panoramic view of the exquisite Thailand you could visit numerous temples and learn about Thai culture and tradition.

    5. TRY THAI CUISINE- The aromatic smell could lure you into trying this yummy food. The fresh and tangy taste will make your mouth savour for more.

    6. GO FOR ELEPHANT TREKKING- Elephants are considered to be the sacred animal of Thailand. you could visit sanctuaries and have a memorable experience. you could explore the rich flora and fauna of the jungles by riding on elephants back or else you could just take a bath with these friendly animals. There are a lot of Elephant camps that could visit like Sea view elephant camp, camp chang Kalim, Kinaree elephant trekking, and a lot more.


    Suggest some of the best restaurants in Thailand?

    Your trip is incomplete if you haven’t relished the authentic Thai food that is famous worldwide for its spices, herbs, and meats. These are some restaurant and their specialty that you must not skip savoring upon:

    1. THE GLASS HOUSE- his beautiful picturesque restaurant is perfect to spend your evening here. The outdoor setting with incandescent lamps makes it quite elegant and classy. They offer premium Japanese cuisine, European-styled fare, and the celebrated Thai aquatic dishes that originate from their outstanding sea-to-table kitchen.

    Timings : 11:00 – 24:00 Location: 5/22 Moo 2 (opposite Alangkarn Theatre), Na Jomtien

    2.MOOM AROI - One of the most enormous and popular seafood restaurants in Thailand. It could easily incorporate 100-150 people. Being located near the Sanctuary of Truth, this is tourists’ go-to place if they are visiting The sanctuary of truth. Their specialty includes all sorts of seafood including lobster, crab, squid, prawns, mussels, clams, scallops, and oysters.

    Timings- 11:00 – 24:00 Location- Naklua Road Soi 4, Behind Banglamung Police Station, Pattaya

    3. PRUEN THAI RESTAURANT- This restaurant will provide you with the most traditional and authentic dining experience. Moreover, The food is very affordable with the entertaining dance and live session the keep on playing simultaneously in the restaurant. Their specialty includes authentic Thai food mixed with authentic herbs and spices that will make you go crazy.

    Timings-: 12:00 – 24:00 Location - 485/3 m.10 Pattaya 2nd Road, Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150

    4. SUGAR HUT RESTAURANT - This exotic restaurant located near Jomtien Beach, the setting is completely romantic with authentic Thai food enriched with spices and herbs. Their specialty includes Penang curry, spicy winged bean salad with shrimp and pork, and many more. Timings- All day, Location: 391/18 Thappraya Road, Jomtien

    5. RIMPA LAPIN- This cliffside restaurant with an amazing view of Pattaya’s beach and Ocean. They specialize in serving authentic Thai food and European cuisine as well. The panoramic view of Jomtien beach combined with Thai spicy curry and some cocktail makes a perfect combination to spend an exquisite evening.

    Timings- Mon – Fri 17:00 – 24:00, Sat-Sun 15:00 – 24:00, Location- Soi Na Chom Thian 36, Tambon Na Chom Thian, Amphoe Sattahip, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20250, Thailand


    Suggest some of the best restaurants in Thailand?

    Thailand can give you a lifetime experience with its wildlife sanctuaries, elephant trekking, and astounding marine life.

    1. UNDERWATER WORLD- This marvelous aquarium gives you the chance to experience the sea-world from close. You could get acquainted with marine life. If you are not a fan of snorkeling and still want to taste the slice of the deep ocean this place is perfect for you. This 100-meter Acrylic tunnel incorporates around 2500 marine animals with sharks, turtles, bamboo sharks, starfish, lobsters, and many more.

    2. KHAO SOK NATIONAL PARK - Kids ove animals and this national park would leave them startled as they will witness various animals living in the vicinity of the jungle. It's the home of a lot of animals like leopards, tigers, elephants, and tonnes of birds.

    3. PATTAYA’S DOLPHIN WORLD- Have an amazing Evening surrounded by friendly Dolphins as they splash around the pool and hop around on hula-hoops. You could watch them dance and bring a new level of happiness. The ticket could cost up to 500-600 TBH.

    4. CHANG SIAM PARK - Located in a bright greeny forest. This park is very calm and peaceful in which you can feed cute little Elephants and have a trek around the forest. You will have a memorable experience while you trek around the forest getting to know these friendly creatures.

    5. CROCODILE FARM- This park features amazing stunts done by specialists with crocodiles. Apart from crocodiles they also have a lot of animals whom you could feed and click pictures with like a giraffe, camels, ponies, bears, and various species each of birds, fish, and deer. The ticket price could vary up to 500-600 TBH.

    6. AMAZON FISHING PARK- Have the best fishing experience at this park. The lake incorporates a lot of abandoned natural freshwater fill from underground springs. The park is surrounded by lush green bushes and the water stays afresh throughout the year. You could visit this park all-year-round and take pleasure in fishing. They also have a restaurant and bar on-site which is open from 8 am to 10 pm.

    7. SRIRACHA TIGER ZOO- This amazing entertainment zoo is a perfect place to add to your list. The zoo has been divided into four parts -: tiger breeding zone, talent show zone, crocodile zone, and animal zone. You could have a close-up experience with both baby and adult tigers. You could feed them from your own hands in the Tiger feeding Room where you could easily interact with these cute friendly tiger babies.

    8. KOK CHANG ELEPHANT CAMP - Kata Noi- This elephant care centre has been a home of Elephants for more than 20 years. They endeavour to bring the close relationship between man and elephant. You could visit this camp and play with these friendly elephants. Bath with Elephants, get a view of the jungle by trekking on Elephants.

    9. SEA VIEW ELEPHANT CAMP - Located near Kata Viewpoint. This camp is one of the favorite camps for tourists who want to experience Elephant trekking. It is a must-visit for Elephant lovers as elephants could take you on a trek on a mountain along Chalong bay.

    10. CAMP CHANG KALIM, KALIM BEACH- Elephants are an important part of Thai culture and tradition. They provide you with an unforgettable experience. Their trek covers the mesmerizing view of Patong Beach and Kalim beach.

    11. KINNAREE ELEPHANT TREKKING TOURS- Elephant trekking is the highlight of any tour. This camp situated near Rawai beach grabs a lot of attention due to their Elephant trekking, elephant entertainment shows, ATV ride, and skylining. Their main attraction is their Entertainment shows wherein elephants demonstrate their skills like playing with a ball and hoop juggling.

    12. GREEN ELEPHANT SANCTUARY PARK - If you wanna have close contact with Elephants this is the perfect place for you. This park has been created as per the European animal protection laws. You could have a short trek in the middle of this amazing jungle near Surin Beach. They are known for their extensive care of these bubbly elephants. You could easily book slots online.


    What ia the local language of Thailand?

    The main languages spoken in Thailand are - Thai , mandarin , Hindi and English. The Guides around Thailand have learnt languages in order to communicate with tourists more efficiently. People around hotel receptions, pharmacy, ticket counters are well-versed in English. Moreover, you could get guides as per your language preference when you book your package with any travel agent.


    Can I use my internet and phone in Thailand?

    No, Your local SIM card won’t operate in Thailand. Even though Wi-fi is available in almost all cafes and restaurants, you still will need to get a Thai SIM card installed on your phone. The major cell service providers in Thailand are- AIS, DTAC, and TRUE MOVE H.

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