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The perfect blend of cosmopolitan atmosphere and scenic natural beauty. Pattaya, now a rapidly-growing city, was once a mere collection of quaint fishing villages. Even with the growth in population the city still retains its untouched natural beauty, which is one of the major reasons for its undying popularity. The popular beach city has neatly lined resort hotels, high-rise condos, shopping malls, cabaret bars, 24*7 clubs, and every other thing that a 21st-century traveler can look for. To make things easy for you here is a list of the top 20 places for travelers to visit in Pattaya.

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Pattaya Best Sellers

1. Pattaya Beach

pattaya beach diving boats

Home to a huge number of speedboats, parasails, jet skies, diving boats, and floating restaurants. Usually one of the primal places to visit in Pattaya, the beach stays crowded with tourists and flooded with bars and cafes. If you have had your fill of sunbathing and adventure sports then you can treat your senses to a relaxing Thai massage.

2. Jomtien Beach

jomtien beach pattaya

The 6Km straight stretch of sand stays a lot less crowded than other beaches. Tourists love to spend a leisurely day relaxing on the sandy shores, take a dip in the clean seawater, or relishing the tasty seafood snacks. The beach like all other Thailand beaches offer a range of water sports from the banana boat ride, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, and surfing. The beach has a cafe and bars for grabbing a bite, seafood at the beach restaurants are highly recommended.

3. Sanctuary of Truth

sanctuary of truth pattaya

A testament to Thai architecture. The all-wooden religious building is filled with traditional Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. The sanctuary covers an area of more than two raises. Made intricately of carved woods without any metal or nail to support it, the sanctuary provides a heavenly view of the surrounding it. The four wings constructed are dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese, and Indian religious iconography. The place is ideal if you wish to know a bit more about Thai mythologies.

4. Nakula and Wongamat beach

nakula and wongamat beach pattaya

These northern beaches are the finest in Pattaya. Small fishing communities inhabit the area providing fresh produce which graces the palate of the restaurants in the area. The beach has some of the finest accommodations in Pattaya and a scintillating nightlife you wouldn’t dare to miss.

Pattaya Best Sellers

5. Bang Saray Beach

bang saray beach pattaya

A quaint small town about 25-minutes drive from Pattaya. The beach stays far less crowded than most other beaches in Pattaya. The pleasant stretch of sand with the local atmosphere is a low-key escape from Pattaya’s hectic crowd. The town offers you a chance to spend a peaceful day with the beautiful beach almost to yourself and peaceful nights undisturbed by loud music and bright lights.

6. Bali Hai Pier Pattaya

bali hai pier pattaya

Located at the end of the walking street, the Pattaya Pier is a central feature of the city with a hive of activities surrounding it. The jetty stretched quite far into the bay and remains lined with boats on both sides. The main attraction of the pier is regular ferry trips to Coral Islands. Tickets can be purchased on the pier with prices starting from 30 baht.

7. Coral Islands

coral islands pattaya

The little piece of paradise also known as Koh Larn is just a short ferry ride away from Walking Street, Pattaya. If you have grown tired of the overcrowded beaches of Pattaya, a trip to the Coral Islands would be an ideal alternative retreat. Since the island not far off, tourists usually take a day trip to the island to indulge in some water sports activity or just to relax and return to Pattaya by late afternoon.

8. Koh Samet

koh samet pattaya

If you wish to click some top-quality beach pictures for your Instagram profile, this place can help you with it. The island has everything required for a fun-filled holiday. The endless expanse of clear blue sea, clean white sand, watersports, and nightlife. The island remains jam-packed with visitors on weekends and long holidays. If you wish to spend a night then the island offers comfortable beachfront bungalows and cliff-top luxury resorts.

9. Koh Sak

koh sak pattaya

A tiny horseshoe-shaped island. Unlike its larger neighbors, they have no permanent settlement. Although a popular tourist destination, the island remains less populated. The island houses small restaurants where you can buy drinks and cheap Thai food. Many famous personalities of the past who have visited the island have left their footprints in the concrete lining of the island path.

10. Monkey Island

monkey island pattaya

The island goes by various names including Koh Ling, Koh Ped, and Koh Klet Kaew meaning Crystal Shard Island. True to its name the island is a beautiful jungle-covered land roughly shaped like a crystal. The island is home to a large population of monkeys who aren’t scared of human contact anymore. The stony beach on the eastern edge is one of the most popular spots for island hopping.

11. Walking Street

walking street pattaya

One of the busiest party spots in the whole of Thailand. The street is filled with nightclubs, go-go bars, and restaurants. The street seems to come alive after the sunsets with something for practically every taste. The streets are so densely packed with so much to do and see that even if you spend every night for a couple of days you would still have things unexplored.

12. Alcazar Cabaret Show

alcazar cabaret show pattaya

The infamous ladyboy show is one of Pattaya’s most famous attractions. The show is open daily and offers an exquisite performance of music, dance, and lights that can get you up on your feet. The show is influenced by Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, American, and many other cultures.

13. Floating Markets

floating markets pattaya

Pattaya floating market is divided into four sections each representing and selling items from four major parts of Thailand. The market has floating stalls of several eateries, fruits, souvenir shops, and art galleries. Located on Sukhumvit Road Pattaya, the place also has a cultural show organized every afternoon for visitors.

14. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

cartoon network amazone waterpark pattaya

If you are traveling with kids then no better place to take them than the world’s first Cartoon Network themed water park. The park takes the excitement level of kids and animation fanatics to a whole new high. You can splash out here with all your favorite Cartoon Network friends, from Adventure time’s Finn and Jake, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and more.

15. Art in Paradise

art in paradise pattaya

The only 3D museum in Pattaya. The big halls of the museum are filled with incredible and unique artworks. The museum has 10 galleries, including Under the Ocean Rooms, Classical Art Room, Civilization Room, Surrealism Room, Wildlife Room, and more. A trip to Art in Paradise is sure to keep you amazed and awed throughout your exploration.

16. Dolphin World Pattaya

pattaya dolphin world

A family entertainment. It is sure to be a unique experience as you witness the first dolphin show here. The intelligent and friendly mammals jump and perform various tricks and activities that make for a delightful show. You also get to get close to the creatures and feed them, get some clicks and learn more about them.

17. Buddha Mountain

buddha mountain pattaya

About 20 minutes from Pattaya, the mountain is 130-meters high and has the largest image of Buddha in the world. The big Buddha image is simply awe-inspiring. The landscaped gardens surrounding the mountain, adorned with delightful flowers, add to the beauty of the place and set all the nature lovers’ hearts fluttering.

18. Khao Pattaya

khao pattaya

A viewpoint offering a panoramic view of Pattaya city. The hill also houses the sacred Wat Khao Phra Bat temple. The viewpoint is sure to be any photographer’s delight. Besides offering a magnificent view of Pattaya Bay, the place is ideal to escape from the never-ending bustle of the Pattaya city and enjoy peaceful moments soaking in the natural beauty.

19. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

nong nooch tropical garden

A sprawling recreation park located 18kms from Pattaya city. The garden has a serene lake, orchids, waterfalls, all contributing to a magnificent landscape. The garden also has some traditional Thai houses and hosts several shows like folk dances, sword fighting, and Thai boxing.

20. Mini Siam and Mini Europe

mini siam and mini europe pattaya

The infamous model village of the world. The place is a single ticket to take a trip to almost all the major attractions in the world. The place features miniature models of Tower Bridge of London, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Sydney Opera House, and more.

21. Sriracha Tiger Zoo

sriracha tiger zoo

Open in 1997 the zoo is in the Sriracha district. The tiger cubs and piglets living and feeding in the same cage is one of the prime attractions of the zoo. It is divided into four zones- the Tiger breeding zone, talent show zone, crocodile zone, and animal zone. The zoo houses tigers, elephants, crocodiles, and pigs. You also get to meet the ‘Scorpion Queen’, the lady who set the world record in 2008 for living in the same room with 5000 adult scorpions for the longest time of 33 days. The visit is sure to be a thrilling experience and a must when traveling with kids.

22. Underwater World Pattaya

underwater world pattaya

The only aquarium in Pattaya city. Several fascinating sea creatures call the aquarium their home. You cross through acrylic tunnels, 105 meters long, to watch the beautiful coral reefs with numerous sea creatures. The large aquarium is divided into zones- Coral Reef Zone, Shark and Stingray Zone, Giant of Siam Zone, and a new Jellyfish Zone. Several animals like Otter from Indonesia and various other reptiles are also present here. The 180 degrees view of sea life all around you is a wonderful experience. This is yet another place that kids love to go to.