Swaying palm trees, sparkling white sandy beaches, clear azure waters, and the dazzling nightlife combine to form the best beach destination of Thailand - Phuket. A destination that never fails to impress, Phuket is where you need to be in September when you wish to embrace the romance that monsoons bring along with itself. This is the wettest month which makes the foliage seem extremely happy and the town is at its utmost fresh. A perfect escape for those who wish to avoid the clamor of tourists, Phuket in September is idyllic to witness the unusual side of the town. The best part about paying a visit to Phuket when the crowds are less are the rates. Be it your flights or your accommodation, this trip to the island nation will definitely not be heavy on your pockets, which leaves a great opportunity for those who wish to travel on a certain budget.

Weather in Phuket in September

Considered as the wettest and coldest month according to the tropical temperatures, September is the month to witness Phuket at your own pace since the crowds are much lesser. This destination experiences the tropical climate throughout the year, hence the weather conditions do not really have an impact on travel plans as long as one has all the essentials.
  • On average, the temperature during the month of September can hover at 27 degrees Celsius, with the high and low temperatures being 24 and 30 degrees Celsius respectively.
  • Average rainfall that is mostly recorded during the month of September in Phuket is around 400mm which is around 10 times the amount you will face in the upcoming months.
  • Chilly winds and dramatic skies make Phuket in this month more magical than ever.
With the humidity level reaching around 85 percent, September is the best month to enjoy the indoor attractions and activities that this island town has to offer.

Places to visit in Phuket in September

With the rain pouring down heavily on the outside, it is only better and obvious to go for the offbeat and fun-filled places that Phuket has plenty of. We have some top attractions that you should not miss out on!
  1. Elephant Sanctuary

    Elephant Sanctuary

  2. When its raining cats and dogs, why not spend some quality time with the world’s cutest and the largest land animals? Phuket is home to an elephant sanctuary and paying a visit to Thailand’s best one can surely be an unusual experience to cherish. The sanctuary is quite open but when you are playing around with the elephants and having fun washing them, rain wouldn’t be a bother. The sanctuary is home to some amazing people-friendly elephants who just love to get wet.

    Phuket Best Sellers

  3. Jungceylon


  4. Jungceylon is an entertainment center that has something for every kind of traveler, irrespective of age group. This shopping mall has plenty to offer ranging from all budget fashion brands and world-class restaurants to lively bowling alleys and action-packed entertainment sections. This shopping mall turns to be a great spot to visit for those visiting with families and kids, giving them an opportunity to spend some quality time with each other. This spot makes sure that Phuket never leads you to boredom!

  5. Aquaria


  6. A perfect spot to make the best use of time and space, Aquaria is the biggest aquarium in entire Thailand where sightseeing and education go hand in hand. Sitting in the heart of Phuket, Aquaria is the location that unfolds the mysteries of the underwater world and gives you a chance to befriend the vibrant marine life. The aquarium is home to around 25,000 different species of beautiful and awe-inspiring underwater life, just living their lives in their habitat. The aquarium is usually a perfect escape for those who are traveling with their little ones to Phuket and wish to avoid the September rains.

  7. Phuket Museums

    Phuket Museums

  8. If you are a history aficionado, Phuket is literally heaven on earth for you. There are innumerable museums that cover the floors of this island nation and leaves no stone unturned to impress the visitors. These museums happen to be the ideal locations to understand and gain knowledge about the rich culture and the deeply rooted yet interesting history of Phuket. Be it the mansions from the colonial era, the Mining museum or the Thalang National Museum, Phuket is one fascinating place to be at, even if there’s a cloudburst outside.

Things to do in Phuket in September

When September brings in the heavy monsoon, the various indoor activities start getting to be noticed and one realizes how interesting the island nation truly is. Here are some amazing experiences that are just waiting to be unraveled.
  1. Take a Thai cooking class

    Thai cooking class

  2. Thailand is known for offering some of the most delectable and mouth-watering cuisines in the world. What is better than taking some skill and some centuries-old recipes to bring the Thai flavors back in the homeland for your friends and families. The Thai flavors are a perfect blend of salty, sour, and spicy which offers nothing less than a carnival on the tongue. The cooking classes in Phuket not only include witnessing the chef perform but also have your involvement in a market tour to buy fresh produce and then cooking your own meals. The best part about this is trying the Thai food that you made on your own!

  3. Attend a Cabaret Show

    Cabaret Show

  4. Phuket is known for its dazzling and glittering nightlife and the cabaret show describes this the best. The most famous one takes place in Patong and is named Simon Cabaret. Another one of the popular shows that many like to witness, both locals and tourists, is Samkong. The shows are always fun and the bright costumes of performers make the entire stage look colorful which is a treat for the eyes. This show surely makes one forget about the rain pouring down outside.

  5. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment

    spa treatment

  6. Getting a Thai massage when in Phuket is a must, without any shadow of a doubt. With the light sounds of raindrops as your background music, the fragrance of aromatic essential oils filling up space, and the relaxing massages taking away all sorts of tension and stress, spa treatment in Phuket does sound pretty enticing to many. There is an extensive number of massage and beauty treatments that the island nation has to offer, thus making the vacation to Phuket during monsoons completely worth it.

Festivals in Phuket in September

  1. Por Tor Festival

  2. Also named as the Hungry Ghost Festival in many parts of the town, Por Tor Festival is one of the most significant festivities for the ethnic Chinese residing in this destination. The festival takes place on the very first day of the waxing moon in the 7th month of the Chinese Calendar which is either late August or early September. Hundreds and hundreds of specially made food, candles, and fragrant flowers are offered on altars to the ancestors of the Chinese ethnic groups. This colorful and vibrant festival can either be enjoyed in the Seng Tek Bel Shrine which is located on the Phuket Road or the Ranong Road. The former Shrine is where the biggest celebration of the festival takes place around the whole week. The must-attend celebrations of this festival surely include the lion dance, live concerts, merit-making ceremony, and the vibrant shows.

What to Pack and Carry

Since the weather in September can get a little over the head, we have compiled a list of a few essential items that one should pack when planning an excursion to Phuket during the monsoon season.


1. An umbrella, a raincoat, and a waterproof bag are a must keep if you don’t want your clothes or your belongings to get spoiled in the rain.

2. Lots and lots of insect and mosquito repellents. Now, since its rainy season on a tropical island, it is only obvious that the number of bugs will also be a little on the high side.

Clothing and Accessories

1. Since the weather is going to the coldest and wettest, pack along a light jacket and a pullover to stay comfortable at all times.

2. It is better to keep comfortable footwear that will only make walking around the town easier.

Phuket in September is truly magical even with the monsoon hitting the floors at its best. The fresh air, chilly winds, cloudy skies, and the lesser crowds are a few things that only add to an already impeccable experience. This island ensures that no gets bored or unimpressed when paying a visit, hence offers an array of indoor activities for people of all age groups to indulge in, making the vacation truly remarkable.