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About Krabi Tour Packages

Krabi, a resort town near the Andaman coast, is a highly popular holiday destination due to its pristine beaches and panoramic views. Whether you’re a lover of exotic jungles featuring wildlife or a fan of white sand beaches with turquoise waters or even an adventure junkie – Krabi has something for everyone!


You can get Krabi tour packages customized to fully enjoy this tropical getaway by including visits to its popular islands in the day that offer serenity as well as savour the local delicacies by visiting the bustling night markets later in the day – giving you the best of both worlds! Booking a Krabi package can help you explore this beautiful Thai province with leisure without having to worry about any tour arrangements, be it the hotels or airport transfers or the transit within the province.


Krabi is loved by groups and solo travellers alike because of its local residents who are very welcoming and its rich culture that makes sure you always have something to look forward to. This makes Krabi the most favourite choice when you want to experience the best of Thailand.


Most Popular Krabi Tour Packages


Exortic Honeymoon in Thailand 4 Nights On Request
Fiesta of Island and jungle experience 4 Nights On Request
Make Love in Phuket and Krabi 5 Nights On Request
Thailand Extraordinaire 5 Nights On Request
Sparkling jems of Phuket and Krabi 6 Nights On Request
Thai Gaterway Phuket Krabi 5 Nights On Request
Special Honeymoon Delight in Phuket & krabi 6 Nights On Request
A Complete Thai Gateway 8 Nights On Request


How to reach Krabi


You can easily reach Krabi through most modes of transport like airways, railways and buses can take you to Krabi. The best way to reach Krabi from India is by airways. It is easily accessible from major cities like Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. It is very easy to board a flight to one of these cities from India and then take a flight to the Krabi International Airport. You will find flights from major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. When it comes to railways, Krabi is not well-connected which makes it impossible to find any direct train to Krabi. Although it is possible to avail road transport by renting cars to reach Trang, the railway station nearest to Krabi. You can also opt for a direct bus from the Southern Bus Terminal of Bangkok that takes around 10 hours to reach Krabi. Another option is to take a bus from Phuket which will bring you to Krabi in 3-4 hours. You can easily find air conditioned and non-air conditioned bus options. Krabi has regular ferry services for the many islands. These coastal areas can only be reached by boat which offers scenic views for the travellers.


Things to do in Krabi


Krabi is an exciting place with a variety of activities to keep you entertained. If you’re a rock climbing enthusiast, you’ll love Krabi’s amazing limestone cliffs which can easily be explored by both beginners as well as experienced climbers. The Phi Phi Islands and the Bamboo Island are popular diving sites giving you a peek into the extensive coral gardens. Krabi also features adventure sports like sea canoeing, kayaking and white river rafting.


You can opt for the James Bond Island trip which is a famous landmark in Phang Nga Bay. The Island, which is broad from the top and relatively slim from the bottom and stands in the midst of blue waters, earned its name after a popular James Bond movie featured the location. The 4 Island Tour is also equally popular which takes you to 4 gorgeous islands and you get to snorkel in clear blue waters.


You must shop at the Krabi town walking street where you will get everything from colorful accessories to interesting souvenirs. You also get to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine whilst looking for Thai handicrafts. The Ao Nang night market is another favorite amongst the food lovers and shopping enthusiasts.


Places to visit in Krabi


The Phi Phi Islands can be best described as a tropical paradise and are certainly high on the list of places that you must visit. There are two main islands – Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh that feature clear waters with beautiful marine life. They can be easily reached by speedboat from Krabi mainland which takes about forty five minutes. Make sure to add a visit to Phi Phi island while browsing Krabi tour packages.


One of the most recommended places in Krabi is Railay Beach which is highly popular because of its caves, stunning limestone cliffs and a lagoon inside these cliffs. Railay Beach is accessible only by boat.


Another main attraction is the Khao Phanom bencha National Park boasting outstanding natural beauty. It was named after the highest mountain in Krabi, the Khao Phanom Bencha Mountain and features exotic wildlife, caves, waterfalls and trails through the magnificent forests.


The Wat Tham Sua (also known as the Tiger Cave Temple) and Wat Kaew Korawaram are the two most important temples in Krabi Town known for their stunning natural surroundings. You are sure to witness some terrific views while climbing the 1237 steps that take you to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple.


Best time to visit Krabi


Most of Krabi’s activities are outdoor activities – whether you are planning to chill at one of its many beaches, go island-hopping, or go snorkelling in its simmering blue waters. And so, the key to having a good time in Krabi depends a lot on the season and climate. The average temperature is around 22°C to 32°C year round.


The best time to visit Krabi is from November to March, which also happens to be peak tourist season. Since the rains are over, the weather is quite cool and there is no humidity in Krabi in this period. The cool breeze keeps the weather great for exploring which makes this the busiest time with tourists flocking in high numbers to relax on the gorgeous beaches.


The time from end of March to May is the hottest in Krabi. This is the period when it is very humid. The monsoon in Krabi lasts from May to October. Due to the unpleasant weather conditions from March to October, it is cheapest to plan a trip to Krabi since it is least crowded by tourists at this time. This also makes the visit very relaxing as it is an off season in Krabi.

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