place to visit in koh samui

Taking a break from your hectic work life means relaxing your senses, rejuvenating yourself, and even trying a couple of new and adventure activities. The perfect as postcard coastlines and lush greenery is sure to make Koh Samui the best tourist destination to fulfill all your holiday requirements.

It is the second-largest island in Thailand and an epitome of a laid-back holiday. The place spoils you with its array of choices of sophisticated villas, trendy resorts, and Michelin starred luxury restaurants. Keep the camera charged to capture a lot of killers Instagram like worthy pictures that would burn all those who see it. Partying with friends or spending a cozy day with your love, Koh Samui will give you memories that would be hard to forget no matter how many more trips you take to various other destinations.

To help you make your trip even more rewarding. Here is the list of top 20 places to visit in Koh Samui.

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1. Ang thong Marine Park

kayaking in ang thong marine park koh samui

If you have watched the movie ‘Blue Lagoon’ and wished to be lost on some island with your love. Well, this place is for you. A group of about 42 islands filled with lush greenery, the place has a perfect secluded vibe and is also completely safe for tourists. The petite islands are scattered over clear blue waters. The hidden coves and green lagoons, accompanying the sandy beaches, give the place a peaceful, adventures, and romantic feel. Engage in kayaking to have your fill of adventure sports. A flight to steeps take you to Emerald lake viewpoint situated on Koh Mae. The bird’s eye view from the place of the entire island, glistering lake, and limestone cliffs are breathtaking. Make sure to click loads of pictures to capture your memories on the island.

2. Big Buddha Temple

big buddha temple koh samui

The glistering golden surface of the big seated statue of Lord Buddha is hard to miss even from a flight. It would be best to visit the temple at sunrise or sunset. The sun’s rays reflecting from the surface of the statue makes the sight awe-inspiring. The small hill gives a perfect panoramic view of the surrounding places. It is a religious site hence make sure to dress respectfully.

3. Na Muang Waterfall

na muang waterfall koh samui

The twin waterfall is perfect to escape the bustling city crowd. Taking a splash of cool water would be a welcome relief from the scorching tropical heat. The place is great for a hike. Surrounding natural beauty makes the place incredibly beautiful. The waterfall cascades on a series of purpled rocks. The road is a bit slippery so you should wear shoes with a good grip.

4. Secret Buddha Garden

secret buddha garden koh samui

The garden is hidden in the high hills of Koh Samui. The place has majestic views. A collection of unique statues is surrounded by lush jungle. The Garden was created by an old farmer, Nim Thongsuk. He started building statues around his ancestral land. A garden is a great place to trek. It would take about 2-3hrs to reach the garden if you trek. You can also rent an SUV to travel uphill by road.

5. Chaweng Beach

chaweng beach koh samui

One of the most popular beaches. A hot-spot of tourist activities. The beach is dotted with stylish resorts. Tourists and locals are found lounging in the sun. Several water sports activities are available for you to try your hands. As, the sun sets the beach is one of the most happening places to be. Dance parties and beach bars gets flooded with tourists who wish to have a good time.

6. Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks

hin ta and hin yai rocks koh samui

Nature has a sense of humor, maybe a bit on the dirty side. Hin Ta and Hin Yai also known as Grandpa and Grandma rocks look like male and female genitals. The place can be reached in a cab in about 30 minutes from Chaweng.

7. Ladyboy Cabaret Shows

ladyboys show at chaweng beach koh samui

Thailand is famous for its ‘third-sex’ cabaret shows. In Chaweng Beach, besides dance parties and bars, you can also enjoy a fun evening witnessing a sparkling performance of music and dance. Thai society is more open towards ladyboys than most other cultures of the world. They have been a major part of the country’s entertainment industry. The dance performance is beautifully choreographed and is lighthearted.

8. Wat Khunaram

wat khunaram koh samui

One simply cannot miss this temple. It has the mummified body of the most famous monk, Luang Pordaeng, on display. About 40 years ago, when Luang Pordaeng passed away, he instructed his body to be encased for prosperity. The body remains well preserved.

9. Wat Plai Laem

temple tour koh samui

It is located near the Big Buddha Temple. The temple is colorful and intricately designed. The 18-arm statue of Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy, is a prominent feature of the temple. The place is beautiful and peaceful. Sitting by the lake in the temple you can spend a couple of moments in complete tranquility just admiring the neighboring beauty. If you donate some amount to the temple you have gifted a bag of food to feed the fish of the lake.

10. Bophut Beach

bophut beach koh samui

The beach is a long sandy stretch from Big Buddha to Maenam. It is said to be among the coldest places on the island. Bophut beach is popular among tourists for its peaceful atmosphere and delicious eateries. The food stalls sell the best mango-sticky rice and the restaurants are popular for their king-tiger prawns and wine. Aquapark, stand-up paddling, inflatable, and many fun activities keep you entertained. Bophut Beach is a top favorite among honeymoon couples.

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11. Bophut’s Fisherman Village

bophuts fisherman village koh samui

Small town has a sense of peace and a bit of mysterious air to it. If you too love the tranquility and peaceful environment of the small towns. Then, this village town must be in your ‘Places to Visit’ list. The shop-houses here are all made of wood. Every Friday the place hosts a Walking Street market. The stall here has on display local handicrafts, top-notch quality local fabrics, herbs, jewelry, and spices. If you wish to take something back to remember your trip, you will surely find it here.

12. Laem Sor Pagoda

laem sor pagoda koh samui

It is located on a stunning oceanfront. The golden color pagoda against the sapphire blue sky and ocean makes a lasting impression. The luminous presence inspires some artistic photos.

13. Chaweng Walking Street

chaweng walking street koh samui

A great place to haggle for clothes, accessories, lamps and decorative items, footwear, carved wooden souvenirs, and cosmetics. It is a place to go to get anything cheap. Any good market must have good food stalls. Chaweng Walking Street has a collection of stalls offering mouth-watering Thai cuisine, smoothies, and tasty chicken grills.

14. Lad Koh ViewPoint

lad koh viewpoint koh samui

A panoramic view of the entire Chaweng Bay. The viewpoint is serene and peaceful. Another great place for an escape from the city crowd. The greenish-blue waters seem to be fusing with the blue skies which paint a surreal picture. If you are an admirer of natural beauty then this place is a must-visit.

15. Koh Tao

koh tao koh samui

The name means ‘Turtle Island’. The place is a top favorite among scuba divers. The clean white-sandy beaches are surrounded by greenish-blue waters of the Gulf Of Thailand. The reefs are home to exotic sea creatures besides turtles.

16. Koh Phangan

koh phangan koh samui

Close to Koh Samui, the island is popular for its sand bars. The place is a hit for full-moon parties. A hot favorite of young backpackers. During the day time, you can lounge on its beaches. Tourists also love to explore its waterfalls on motorbikes.

17. Maenam Beach

maenam beach koh samui

The beach has an excellent view of Koh Phangan. If you wish to complete privacy then the beach resorts are an excellent place to stay. Housed at the end of rambling pathways, the resorts and cozy and low-key affordable.

18. Lamai Beach

lamai beach koh samui

One of the most popular beaches in Koh Samui, Lamai Beach is the biggest resort area after Chaweng. A trip to Lamai Beach is a complete package in itself. The beach serves you in a colorful platter clear turquoise water to dip your feet into, buzzing nightlife, delicious eateries, shopping streets, beach restaurants, and laid-back bars, in-short everything Thailand is famous for you can find it here.

19. Wat Khao Hua Jook

wat khao hua jook koh samui

Buddhist-culture is a point-of-fascination for many tourists. Koh Samui has no dearth of beautiful Wats that lets tourists know more about Thai and Buddhist culture and tradition. Wat Khao Hua Jook is a small but yet another popular wat among devotees. The temple is perched on a hilly terrain on the northern part of the island. Climbing up to Wat can be a difficult task but the view of the island from the top is indeed rewarding. The Wat is known for its tranquil environment. Tourists often visit the place to meditate, sit-back and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while watching a beautiful sunset at the bay.

20. Wang Sai Thong Waterfall

wang sai thong waterfall koh samui

The waterfall is located in Muang La Ngu district. Crystal clear water cascades down the karst limestone mountain. The place is surrounded by pine trees that enhance the beauty and also give it a secluded feel. You can climb the waterfall, the mountain rocks are devoid of any moss that makes it safe for climbing. If you are lucky you may also encounter the locals called “Ngor Par” who still live the old way.