Renowned for being the most exquisite beach destination in the entire world, Phuket stands out for its shining pearl sands, clear blue sparkling waters, lush green palm trees and the exuberance of towns. Phuket is enveloped by the magnificent Andaman sea waters, off the west coast of Thailand and is home to over 30 spectacular beaches. From architectural marvels reeking of colonial vibes to islands full of locals who are humble as ever, Phuket is a destination like no other. This island has something for every kind of traveler - solo to thrill-seekers.- right from architectural marvels to beaches full of water sports activities. Phuket is action-packed with the hustle and bustle of a outhfil city and the beauty of the countryside. Take a look at this guide to help make travel plans for when you travel to Phuket in April!

Weather in Phuket in April

The island has a tropical monsoon climate which is why it remains hot and humid throughout the year. In the month of April, the weather brings in the highest temperatures of the whole year of Phuket.
  • Average temperatures are up to 29.5 degrees celsius with average highs going up to 33 degrees celsius and an average humidity of 71% that only makes you feel hotter still. However, all is not hot and blazing as the winds bring little rainfall from the Indian Ocean.
  • The average rainfall is about 162.6mm that is recorded over as many as 50 percent of the days of the month, usually in the afternoon and evening.
While the seawater is calming and tranquil it offers no respite with an average temperature of 30 degrees celsius. There is not much hope from the infrequent and gentle winds out of the west. Most tourists who like to visit the white sand island at this time of the year do so because the tropical climate of Phuket is a stark contrast from the winter chills of Europe and the UK.

Places to Visit in Phuket in April

It is amazing how much this island has to offer. While you can always head out to one of the many beautiful beaches, the hot weather of April may not be to your liking. Here are a few places we have recommended, some indoors and some outdoors, that you can visit when in Phuket in April.
  1. Splash Jungle Water Park

    Splash Jungle Water Park

  2. Given the scorching heat in the month of April, Splash Jungle Water Park is a great way to cool down and have some fun! This water park is in Mai Khao Beach in Talang and is open every day from 10am to 6pm. You can reserve the park for a private experience as well.

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  3. Baan Teelanka and Maze

    Baan Teelanka and Maze

  4. The name translated in English means 'upside down house' and that is exactly what it is- a house built upside down! This is a fun place to visit that takes only a couple of hours’ time to fully enjoy indoors during the hot afternoons. The staff there is very courteous and keenly explains the best angles and perspectives for your photos to show off back home. When inside the house, you will feel as though you are walking on the ceiling and the fish are swimming in the air. Right beside the upside down house is a maze designed by a team of award winning designers from the UK. This tourist spot serves as a great family outing as kids also enjoy this place!

    Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM, Open all 7 Days of the week
  5. Phuket Bird Park

    Phuket Bird Park

  6. Phuket Bird Park is in the Muang district of Vichit and is a privately owned area set on 12 acres that has about 1000 birds of more than 100 species. These birds are from different parts of the world like Asia, South America and Africa and there are several bird shows during the day whenever the weather is suitable. One can feed the birds as they come and sit on your hands and/or shoulders and this also gives tourists the chance to have their photos taken with them. Some tourists enjoy this park because it offers them some respite from the heat on the beaches.

  7. Patong Beach

    Patong Beach

  8. Patong Beach, the most popular beach in Phuket, is a long strip of glistening golden sand with serene water and is visited between the months of November and April. Due to its popularity, this beach is brimming with people and is full of vendors as well as jet-ski operators, parasailing operators, boats and massage huts. The northern part of the beach is perfect for surfing and snorkelling. You should visit this beach in the evening to avoid the long sunny days in April. This will also give you the chance of enjoying the nightlife in Baga despite the summer heat.

Things to Do in Phuket in April

In spite of the summer heat and long sunshine hours in Phuket in April, the island has a lot to offer to its tourists. We recommend water sports during the evenings to offer some respite from the scorching sun! Here are a few things you can do when in Phuket in the month of April.
  1. Surf House

    Surf House

  2. You can find Surf House on Kata Beach where you can practise surfing on surf that seemingly ceases to end. Along with surfing, you can also try some body-boarding, wake-boarding, snowboarding and skate-boarding. This shop also sells trendy beachwear and souvenirs that you can pick for your friends and family. During day time it is a great place for families visiting the beach and at night time it is a good place for parties. This makes for a good option to enjoy on a beach during sunny days.

  3. Crystal Clear Thailand

    Crystal Clear Thailand

  4. Located in Chalong, the Crystal Clear Thailand is a must visit for those who like to dive. It is accredited by PADI that allows you to enjoy a customized dive trip or pick something from the multiple courses they offer. These courses include underwater photography, night diving, wreck diving, air assisted diving, advanced open water diving and several other courses. Luxury boats are available for charter for up to 8 divers and 24 tanks and can be used to reach. Tourists enjoy diving underwater especially in the hot and humid month of April.

Festivals in Phuket in April

Phuket has something for everyone. Despite the scorching heat of April, as Anyone visiting
  1. Songkran Water Festival

    Songkran Water Festival

  2. As April rolls in every year, tens of thousands of people of Thailand prepare for their New Year. Officially it takes place on the 13th of April each year and is declared a national holiday in Thailand. Tourists can find multiple beach parties during this time notably in the areas of Patong beach, Chaweng Beach, Bangla Road and Saphan Hin Park. In northern Thailand, the youthful and vibrant city of Pattaya offers fantastic parties too. If you are on the coastal side of western Koh Samui, you will be able to enjoy the traditional way of enjoying the Songkran festival.

    The historic city of Chiang Mai will offer a traditional and authentic experience of the Songkran festival for those of you who want to avoid the water fights and desire a more sombre experience. Lots of tourists and localites gather at Thapae Gate next to a network of canals as a part of the Songkran experience.
  3. Thailand Audio Show
  4. If you are a music lover and appreciate good quality music, then the Thailand Audio Show is for you! This festival showcases one of the largest ranges of hi-fi and audio equipment in Southeast Asia in one single place. The audio show spans for three days on the village coconut island and close to 80 exhibitors have their brands on display. You can experience some of the best sound systems in the world with the latest speakers, headphones and music accessories.

    Date: It is held from the 24th - 26th of April

    Time: 1 PM to 6 PM

  5. Phuket Bike Week
  6. Phuket Bike Week is an annual event that is usually set in the month of April. It is organized this month to coincide with the Songkran festival and has a number of events to entertain bikers, their friends and families and tourists. These events include bike exhibitions including brands like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki and BW, a beach party and concerts to name a few. Events take place on Patong Beach, Loma Park and other places like Jungceylon Mega Mall etc. During the bike week, early evenings observe some parties at the main stage in Loma Park. Not only must you take back with you incredible memories but you can also shop for some souvenirs like motorcycle gear such as helmets, leather boots, jackets and gloves; T-shirts, caps, bandanas and keychains.

    Date: 11th April to13th April

    Time: 8 AM to 5 PM

  7. Phuket Gay Pride & Festival
  8. This is Phuket’s annual Gay Festival held in Patong which is full of well-toned bodies on floats and in parades. It is colourful, eccentric and full of fun which is a stark contrast to Patong’s Gay scene of yesteryears, The festival nowadays attracts people from across the world and is a week full of fun and well-organised activities, parties, parades, competitions, jazzy costumes and characters. It is a week long festival and is usually conducted in the second half of the month.

What to Pack and Carry

April is the time when Phuket starts experiencing longer sunnier days and kick starts the summer season in the angelic island.Here are a few things you must pack in your bags before you hit the marvellous island.

Essentials :

1. Have a good sunblock to protect yourself from the scorching rays of the April sun.

2. Insect repellent for the evenings.

3. Carry your water bottle to ensure you’re hydrated while touring in this weather.

Clothing and Accessories :

If you’re travelling to Phuket, the first thing to pack is your swimwear! Being home to 30 beaches, you will find plenty of opportunities to comfortably enjoy in your swimwear.

Hats and Bandanas! Roaming Phuket in the hot sun of April shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on your style. This will allow you to conveniently enjoy your time in Phuket.

How to Reach Phuket

Phuket is a very well-connected island with the rest of the world. The quickest means of commuting to the white pearl island is by taking a flight. While Phuket can be reached from other parts of Thailand by road, there are no direct trains that connect it to other cities yet.

By Air: Phuket International Airport connects both international and domestic flights from and to Phuket. Many countries like India, Germany, Australia, Singapore as well as Malaysia are directly connected to Phuket by air. Since this is not the peak season for Phuket, you can grab cheap deals for air tickets.

By Road: There are A/C and Non A/C buses that are easily available and one can avail a bus from Bangkok, Surat Thani, Krabi, Phang Na and other similar areas of Thailand. Thailand also has a well-linked road network for localites and travelers alike that makes intra-city travel convenient and pocket friendly.

The island offers multiple options of seaside resorts, spas, hotels, cafes, dining and partying options to choose from that allows its tourists, be it families, groups, individuals or couples, to plan their trip as per their liking. You can choose to enjoy the vibrancy of the nightlife, tranquility of the angelic white sand beaches, the beautifully immersive Thai culture or a mix of all,per your budget! This is why tourists fall in love with Phuket!