The transition months between monsoons and summers are truly amusing. November in Phuket is one of the transitional months when the monsoons start easing out and drifting away only to return next year, making way for the summer sun to take its place. Phuket is the most popular beach destination in Thailand that is nestled in the heart of the Andaman Sea. This gem of a destination has gained its fame by virtue of offering an absolute vacation to travelers that has something for every kind of individual. Ranging from historic museums, ancient colonial towns, and vibrant night markets to nodding palm trees, glittering white sandy beaches, and majestic limestone cliffs, this island nation does not fail to impress. And what better month than November to pay a visit to this destination when you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor experiences without really planning too much as the weather plays that role for you?!

Weather in Phuket in November

November is the month when the southwest monsoon starts wrapping up slowly and steadily. This month is actually one of the perfect for those who like a balanced vacation with every kind of experience being an integral part of their itinerary. Being a tropical destination, Phuket experiences similar weather conditions throughout the year with major seasons being monsoon and summer.
  • The average temperature in Phuket in November usually hovers around 27 degrees Celsius with the highest reaching 28 degrees Celsius and lowest sitting at 26 degrees Celsius.
  • On average, it rains for about half a month i.e. 16 days during this month. The rainfall is approximately 200mm and keeps reducing each passing day.
  • The humidity in this month drops down to 85% which makes it a comfortable and pleasant condition for one to enjoy the outdoors of Phuket.
As the month starts reaching its end, the season starts getting drier and drier. This indicates that as the sun starts shining brightly above the head during November end, the beaches begin to open their arms wide open yet again to the public and the water temperatures reach around 29 degrees Celsius, which is perfect to take a swim!

Places to visit in Phuket in November

Since November is the transitional month, it is only better to have backups in hand. Phuket is an island that has an array of exciting tourist attractions both indoors and outdoors just waiting to be explored by travelers. We have compiled a list of all the top attractions that this destination has to offer.
  1. James Bond Island

    James Bond Island

  2. Sitting in the heart of Phang Nga National Park, James Bond Island gained its popularity owing to the mindblowing limestone topography that covers its floors. This island was initially known as Khao Phing Kan and was named James Bond after the island was featured in a couple of blockbusters of this series. This island has been a favorite amidst numerous photographers and nature enthusiasts because of the stunning landscapes that this has to offer. Apart from natural wonders, there are numerous water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and more that one can be a part of when visiting the island during November end.

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  3. Trickeye Museum

    Trickeye Museum

  4. Who said you can’t have some crazy fun times inside when it’s raining cats and dogs on the outside? Trickeye museum can definitely be your respite on a rainy day. This is a 3D museum that is sitting in the Phuket town and acts as a magnet for the little ones and adults alike. There are around a hundred paint shows in the gallery with the 3D effect that helps in stimulating your imagination and creativity like nothing else. You can get some crazy pictures clicked, avoid the rain, and treat your eyes with some amazing artwork all at one spot!

  5. Khai Island

    Khai Island

  6. An escape from the bustling city and the crowds, Khai Island is one of the most tranquil places that one will ever come across in Phuket. This island is perfect to explore some beautiful beaches sitting on the shoreline of the cyan-colored waters. Home to some stunning coral reefs, shimmering white sands, and serenity in every nook, Khai Island is an idyllic place for those who just wish to chill, relax, and revitalize on their holiday. Just make sure that you plan to take a trip to this island towards the end of the month.

  7. Mining Museum

    Mining Museum

  8. Making one feel like they’re strolling during an era when tin mining was the way of life in Phuket, Mining Museum is a must-visit. This might not be your usual art exhibitions but it acts as one of the finest examples of how life would have been in Phuket back in the days. This monumental landmark has a pink architectural marvel that showcases the Sino-Portuguese design. The double arch at the entrance gate, an artificial lake, interiors adorning rustic elements, miniature models, wax statues, and the whole vibe of golden days makes a trip to this museum worthwhile!

Things to do in Phuket in November

Phuket offers a plethora of experiences that are perfect for all weather conditions. We have the top ones listed for you below.
  1. Play around the water

    Play around the water

  2. When the monsoons start easing towards the end of the month and the waters are at their clear most with pleasant temperatures, engaging in various water sports can surely turn out to be refreshing under the bright sun. Phuket is an island nation that has plenty of thrilling sports to offer to tourists including surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and much more. Keeping the adrenaline rush on toes, all these water sports that Phuket blankets are a must-try experience because of what the sea here has to offer.

  3. Treat yourself with a spa

    Treat yourself with a spa

  4. When on a vacation in a beach destination, leisure, relaxation, and rejuvenation is mostly the idea behind it. Now, when it’s pouring down heavily on the outside, why not pamper yourself with a spa treatment. The aromatic oils, soothing music, sounds of raindrops, and the calm atmosphere of the spa is enough to make one get de-stressed and relieved of their tensions. From an extensive variety of Thai massages to your favorite fragrant oils, the spas in Phuket offer a treatment to cherish.

  5. Take a rum tour

    Take a rum tour

  6. We have always heard of taking a wine tour, but when in Phuket, it is never going to be your basic sightseeing. Home to an eco-minded, quaint distillery named Chalong Bay Rum, Phuket gives one a chance to tour, taste, and understand the processes of rum making. This award-winning distillery was started by a young French couple and offers the best spirits one has ever taken a sip of in their lives. The rum is produced using local, hand-harvested sugarcane in an open and spacious bar which makes the entire experience truly remarkable.

  7. Visit the weekend market

    Visit the weekend market

  8. When the sun’s out, head to the market in Phuket that is set up just on the weekends and that’s the beauty of it. This food market is the one when you can witness the most vibrant and lively side of Phuket. Naka Weekend Market is the largest of its kind and serves some of the most scrumptious and drool-worthy delicacies from the local cuisine. The street hawkers here are known for serving the authentic tastes of various dishes including freshly grilled seafood and stir-fries to spring rolls and deep-fried locusts.

Festivals in Phuket in November

  1. Loi Krathong Festival

  2. Known as the Light Festival of Thailand, Loi Krathong is one of the most celebrated festivals of this nation. When planning to visit Phuket in November, make sure that you do plan it around the festival if you have a zeal to be a part of one of the biggest festivities of this town. It is an ancient festival that is celebrated on a full moon night that also indicates the end of the monsoon season.

    Thousands of lanterns are donated by the Thai families to the temples as their homage to the Thai trinity of gods including the Phra Phrom or Brahma, the Phra Narai or Vishnu, and the Phra Isuan or Shiva. You can observe an extensive number of baskets with flowers and candles floating on a river, the sky filled with yellow-colored lanterns, and the traditional Thai dance being performed on various nooks. This is truly an extravagant festival that is celebrated with vigorous enthusiasm each year.

What to Pack and Carry

Since November is a month where weather and temperatures are uncertain, here are a few things that you should have on them when planning to travel to Phuket.


1. Since it can rain at any point in time it is always better to carry rainfall essentials that include an umbrella, rain cover, and waterproof bags in order to avoid spoiling your expensive things.

2. Pack a bug spray as Phuket is a tropical nation that is home to some different variety of insects altogether.

3. Make sure you carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go to avoid wasting money on water.

4. Do not forget to carry your sunblock!

Clothing and Accessories

1. Since the chances of the sun coming out in November are pretty high, and also depending upon the time you plan a visit, pack your bathing suits for beaches and water sports.

2. Do not forget to pack a light jacket as the winds can get a little chilly during the rainy days.

Phuket in November is truly magical. Rain lover or summer lover, this is the time when this does not really hold significance. There are so many things to do and equally many places to pay a visit to Phuket during this month that one never tends to get bored here. From vibrant nightlife to surreal nature escapes, this island nation has it all!