Phi Phi Island


Sitting just a few minutes’ speedboat ride from Phuket are the most splendid islands in entire South Asia named Phi Phi Island. The rugged limestone structures popping out of nowhere in the middle of the teal waters and the shimmering white sand beaches make Phi Phi Island tour an experience to try. Here is a sample itinerary that offers the best of this tour.

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Places to cover:


Maya Bay: After reaching Koh Phi Phi early morning, commence your tour by taking the first stop at Maya Bay. This beach is surrounded by towering forest-clad limestone cliffs on three sides. This is the stop where you get to enjoy the best of a leisurely vacation with a hint of thrill. This beach earned its fame by virtue of the 1999 Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Beach’ that was shot here. Apart from soaking the alluring beauty of the beach, you can witness the colorful underwater world down below while snorkeling.


Monkey Beach: After taking in the beauty that is resting under the cerulean waters of the Island, head to the Monkey Beach. This is another one of the great snorkeling spots for those who didn’t get enough views during their prior session. Fringed by emerald swaying trees, a long stretch of white sands, and the turquoise blue waters, this is the best spot to just relax and feel the warmth of the sun up high. Lesser crowds, zero commercialization, and thrilling water sports such as kayaking offer an absolute experience to tourists.


Viking Cave: Phi Phi Island is not as tiny as it might sound. After relaxing for a while, head to the picturesque Viking Cave of the Island. Viking Cave is among the remarkable sites of the Phi Phi Island. Also known as Tham Phaya Nak in the local language, the southern walls of this cave adorn some intricate paintings that led to this name. These caves give one an opportunity to witness the harvesting of swiftlet birds’ nests which is actually the most profitable industry in Thailand. The nests are considered good for both skin and health.


Phi Phi Don: After tonnes of sunbathing, snorkeling, and exploring, the next in line for the Island tour would be taking a grand lunch break. Head to the Phi Phi Don where you can devour extremely scrumptious and drool-worthy buffets of local dishes. From deep-fried chicken to fried fish, from fried veggies to salads, there are all kinds of delicacies for every taste.


Khai Nok Island: Now that your stomach would be full, it would be time to just stroll or sit and relax by the beach. The next stop is Khai Nok Island. There are several beach bars where you can grab yourself a drink and simply lie down under the bright shining sun. After that, you can either hit the ocean for a little more snorkeling/swimming or just keep relaxing and head back to the accommodation.

Pick up time:
7 AM

Drop Time:
5 PM

Entry fees for Child:
THB 900 (National Park fees of THB 400 Extra to be paid at the Island)

Entry fees for Adults:
THB 1200 (National Park fees of THB 400 Extra to be paid at the Island)