7 Island Tour


Krabi boasts about slender palm trees, azure waters of the Andaman Sea, and the long stretches of white glittering sand. This holiday destination is idyllic for those who seek a perfect beach vacation. Krabi is surrounded by several tiny and large islands that are definitely worth a visit. We have the finest itinerary for your 7 Island Tour mentioned below.

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Start your tour from the famous Lading Island. This tropical gem of an island is sitting in Phang Nga Bay and exhibits clear cerulean water that leaves one in awe. Lading Island is a perfect spot to get the best of both leisurely and thrilling experience. From relaxing at the beach to witnessing the underwater world while snorkeling, from sunbathing under the bright sun to jumping off a cliff into the waters, there is plenty to do here. One can also witness the exotic flora and fauna that the Than Bok Khorani National Park has to offer.


After you have had your fun, head to the extremely picturesque spot nestled amidst the peculiar limestone formations named Pranang Beach Resort. This resort has surely redefined the meaning of a relaxing vacation. The rooms here offer views of the impeccable stone formations that leave the jaws dropped. After relaxing around a bit, explore the massive caves around the area, including the one with a fertility temple named Phra Nang Cave.


Next, head to the Island that is usually a crowd-pleaser - the Tup Island. This tiny little beach is only around a kilometer in diameter and exudes of charm from every nook. If you are lucky and the tide is low, you can also easily witness the island turn into a massive sand bar that is accessible for the public. Just imagine standing on the sand surrounded by crystal clear waters on all sides.


The tour can be tiring for some and hence, now comes the time to notch down the things and just relax at the Tang Ming Island. Also known as Ko Mah Tang Ming in the local language, this island is one of the greatest spots for those who wish to try snorkeling. The colorful coral reefs and the stupendous underwater life that one can witness on this island are breathtakingly beautiful.


Next comes the island with the most peculiar shaped limestone formation, the Chicken Island. The Island earned its name by virtue of the southern tip that resembles a chicken head. The island is paradisiacal for photographers and those who seek solace. Also known as Koh Kai in the native tongue, this island is often reputed to be a gateway to Ao Nang. When the tides are low, the above-mentioned sandbar is also visible from here and connects the three islands - Koh Kai, Koh Tao, and Koh Mor.


After a thorough photography session at this gem of a beach, your next stop is an island that might be a little tiny in size but looks like it’s right out from a storybook. Poda Island offers the most picturesque sceneries, with the turquoise blue Andaman Sea forming the major portion. The glittering white sandy beaches, the several shades of green, and the exquisite wildlife to explore fill this destination with some amazing experiences.


With the hues of pink, yellow, and orange spread all across the blue skies makes witnessing sunsets in Thailand a must-try experience. It is time to indulge in scrumptious and mouth-watering delicacies at the buffet dinner. From barbeque chicken to chicken Massaman, from fried rice to green salads, there is an extensive variety of delicacies for you to devour.


Once you are done with refueling your tummies, now comes the major and last highlight of this entire tour. It is time to swim along the fluorescent planktons. This light-up-in-the-dark creature makes it look like the stars have descended under your feet. The entire scene looks nothing less than a fairytale. It is definitely the most beautiful end to the 7 Island Tour.

Pick up time:
1:00 PM

Drop Time:
9 PM

Entry fees for Child:
THB 1000 ( National park fees THB 400 Extra)

Entry fees for Adults:
THB 1200 ( National park fees THB 400 Extra)