If you want some iconic pictures to set some serious Instagram goals then Phuket is a place you must visit. Cool, uber, trendy, and romantic, Phuket justifies all these adjectives perfectly. Clear blue water, dramatic rock formations, cool golden sand, and pristine greenery everywhere you look, a trip to Phuket is sure to be etched in your memory forever. The place entices you to visit the place yet again. The colorful shorelines with shacks, colorful chairs, and umbrellas invite you to shed your worries and just relax. Thrilling watersports, entertainment shows, and steaming nightlife are synonyms of Phuket. Here is a comprehensive list of places you must visit when in Phuket.

1. Patong Beach

patong beach

The highlight of any Phuket Tour Package is a trip to Patong Beach. One of the most happening beach resorts in Phuket. An ideal place to party and indulge in varied activities. The place has a bustling nightlife. You will be spoiled with the plethora of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to choose from. New visitors might feel a bit overwhelmed in the hot streets and bustling atmosphere of the town but it is a great place to let your hair down and make good memories.

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2. Soi Bangla Road

soi bangla road

The place seems to come alive after the sunset. The road gets closed for vehicles and becomes a 400 meters long fiesta of neon lights, loud music, and cheap beer. The place has a friendly vibe to it and your night here can be spent exploring the trendy bars and intoxicating nightclubs, and enjoying a fun night out.

3. Karon Viewpoint

karon viewpoint

Photographers wouldn’t dare to miss visiting this famous viewpoint in Phuket. The viewpoint overlooks Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon Beaches. The view from northern vista is one of the most photographed images in the whole of Phuket. The sparkling blue water, white sand, snow-white surf, and exotic nearby islands, any nature lover would love to spend some peaceful moments just soaking in the natural beauty.

4. Phi Phi Island

phi phi island second

The superstar of all the islands in Thailand. It has been featured in many movies and is sure to be in every traveler’s bucket list. With all the hype surrounding it, Phi Phi island doesn’t disappoint with its alluring natural beauty. The island can be approached via boat and will be love at first sight for every traveler. Adventure lovers, hopeless romantic, off-beat travelers, all are sure to be bewitched by its towering-cliffs, beach-fronted jungle, and sheer lack of hustle-and-bustle.

5. Old Phuket Town

old phuket town

If you love to take a trip down the past then Old Phuket Town is a place you cannot miss. The richly painted Sino-Portuguese townhouses beautifully lined in the century-old streets will be surreal. The historically rich part of the town has well-preserved shophouses, public and private museums, and even an ex-red light area. The Main Street Thailand Road is one of the busiest roads lined with shops selling Thai food, batik fabrics, and a Sunday market selling souvenirs.

6. Big Buddha

big buddha

One of the most revered landmarks. The statue of the seated Maravija Buddha sits atop of Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata. The statue is 42-meters tall and can be viewed from Karon Beach. The site is a great viewpoint offering a 360-degree view of the whole island. The hilltop is a peaceful place to spend some time in complete silence occasionally broken by the sound of small bells and soft background dharma music.

7. Similan Island

similan island

An archipelago in the Andaman Sea about 84Km northwest of the bustling town of Phuket. The place is counted among the top 10 most interesting diving areas in the world. Adventure lovers would love to take a dip and explore the wonders hidden beneath the clear blue waters. The place is a favorite among the tourists for yacht and boat tours.

8. Wat Chalong

wat chalong

One of the most important out of the 29 Buddhist temples of Phuket. The temple is about a century old. Locals come to pray in the temple while for westerners it is an ideal place to learn about Buddhism. The temple stays open from 7 am to 5 pm. Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the most revered Buddhist statues located in the westerly old hall of the temple.

9. Simon Cabaret Show

simon cabaret show

An extravagant ladyboy stage show of lively music, sparkling attires, and dramatic hairdresser. From the moment you step foot in the luxurious venue, you will realize you are in for a night of glamorous entertainment. The musical theme and the performance with the perfect blend of comedy and fun are sure to keep you amazed till the end of the performance when you can also get the opportunity to meet the stars of the show for some photographs.

10. Phuket Fantasea

phuket fantasia show

Something you mustn’t have witnessed before in life. A cultural theme park offering shows with elephants and various other animals. The show showcases Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage. The show includes acrobatics, illusions, pyrotechnics, special effects, and a cast and crew of 400 people and pigeons, 44 elephants, tigers, 40 goats, and chickens.

11. Kata Noi Beach

kinds of watersports

A few minutes south of Karon Beach is yet another pleasant bay of Kata. With its white sands and clear waters, the bay is very popular among families. The beautiful palm-lined beach with lively nightlife and varied accommodation options is a nice place to pay a visit when vacationing in Phuket.

12. Khao Rang Hill

khao rang hill

Another favorite viewpoint in Phuket that is loved by the majority of the tourists. The summit offers beautiful views of the entire town. The hill has a landscape park for kids, restaurants and bars, a fitness park, and a panoramic terrace. The place is ideal to enjoy a breath of fresh air and just chill.

13. Nai Harn Beach

nai harn beach

Another popular beach in Phuket. With only a handful of hotels, restaurants, and shops the bay can retain its peaceful charm. People who wish to escape the busy beaches of Phuket will love to pay this bay a visit. The bay is a popular anchorage of boats and a great place to take a dip into the water from November to April. The local restaurants are an ideal place to spend a peaceful or romantic evening watching the sunset on the horizon.

14. Surin Beach

surin beach

The beach is popularly known as ‘Millionaire’s Row’ as top-end celebrities can be spotted in the beach resorts now and then. The beach like a coastal village and though popular among tourists stays quiet and peaceful. The beach has beautiful high-end hotels and housing with high-end restaurants and bars. If you wish to spend an exotic and laid-back day then a visit to Surin Beach will be worth it.

15. Khai Island

khai island

Tucked away in Phang Nga Bay, the small Koh Khai Island is only 30 minutes from the eastern coast of Phuket. The place is ideal for a half-day tour in a cruising yacht, speedboat, or an antique wooden rice barge. The ride to the island is sure to be memorable along the Sapan Bay, having a view of the beautiful Rang Yai Island and its Pearl Farms. The most distinct characteristic of Khai Island is its twelve different types of exotic tropical fish that aren’t afraid of humans.

16. Phromthep Cape

sunset at promthep cape

One of the most famous landmarks in Phuket. The picturesque capes with its high cliffs are a great lookout point offering stunning views of sea waves and sunsets. The cape is sure to be every photographer’s delight with dramatic and spectacular views of the ocean, secluded lighthouse with several historical artifacts on display. The place seems to have just jumped out a teenage Disney movie and is ideal for exploring and spending peaceful moments in your and your loved one’s company.

17. Banana Beach

banana beach

Phuket is a storehouse of lovely beaches. If you wish to avoid the many crowded beaches then you can visit this hidden beach located on the beautiful coral islands. Coral islands are mere 3kms southeast of Phuket. The Banana beach, though beautiful, is relatively lesser-known and hence is not much crowded. The beach is ideal for spending a laid-back afternoon soaking some Vitamin D. The beach is easily accessible in a 15-minutes speed boat ride from Chalong.

18. Tiger Kingdom

tiger kingdom

Located at the foot of Patong Hill, the place allows tourists to get up close with the Indochinese Tigers. Raised since birth by a group of professional trainers, you can visit the tiger in the cage and get pictures clicked by professional photographers. The real treat the place offers is a chance to play with baby tigers.

19. Phuket Monkey School

phuket monkey school

If you love to see monkeys in action then you would love to visit this place. The monkeys here are trained to pick coconuts, perform tricks, ride a tricycle, do sit-ups, scuba diving, and even to your utter astonishment play basketball. If you are traveling with kids then this place must be in your itinerary. The school is located in the complex containing Cobra and Snake Farm.

20. Kathu Waterfall

kathu waterfall

A series of drop pools with water cascading down dramatic rocks. Though the climb till the top is not an easy one, the view is rewarding. June to November is the best time to visit the place when there is plenty of monsoon water. Besides taking a dip in the pool there are several attractions nearby that are worth exploring. This includes Palazzo and the flying hanuman.

21. Karon Beach

karon beach

Karon Beach is marked as the third-longest beach in the famous island of Phuket, Thailand. Karon Beach is located on the west coast, sandwiched between Patong that lies to the north and Kata which lies to the south. This beach is a popular holiday destination of Phuket and ideal for going for snorkelling.

Distance from Patong Beach

Karon Beach is situated at a distance of approximately 8 kilometres from Patong Beach. It takes around 11 minutes to reach Karon Beach from the Patong Beach.

How to Reach

Karon beach is a much quitter destination compared to its busy neighbour Patong Beach. To reach Karon Beach from Patong , the Phuket Smart Bus is a comfortable way. It will cost you approximately 30 baht to go from beach to beach. Direct buses ply from Patong and connecting to Karon Circle. Buses depart hourly and operate every day with a journey time of approximately 15 min. Travelling by taxis is comfortable but expensive. Taking a tuk tuk or taxi from Patong to Karon might cost something around 400 baht. If you are not carrying much luggage, bus is the best option.

22. Kamala Beach

kamala beach

Kamala Beach lies in the northern side of Patong. It is much quieter and relaxing compared to Patong and gives a relaxed feel. Kamala Beach has a beautifully enclosed bay and a fishing village surrounded by forested hills. Kamala Beach has developed to be a favoured spot for visitors seeking refuge from glitz and fast pace.

Distance from Patong Beach

Kamala Beach is located at a distance of approximately 10.4 kilometres from Patong Beach. It takes around 20 minutes to reach Kamala Beach from the Patong Beach via Route 4030 or 4233.

How to Reach

You can reach Kamala Beach from Patong Beach by bus by spending 55 to 85 baht. Bus travel duration is about 25 minutes. The other option is to travel by taxi that takes around 9 minutes to reach and costs 280 to 365 baht.